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Need some one on one attention? Make an appointment with our Gold Coast Exercise Physiologists.


Temple Gym

Welcome to Temple Gym! Congratulations on taking your first steps to reaching your fitness goals. Temple is a boutique style gym located right in the heart of Varsity Lakes, and we're a family owned and operated fitness centre, and when you become a member at our gym, you're essentially joining our family.

Temple Gym - Fitness Professionals

Our Gold Coast gym features a large selection of free weights and cardio equipment, an extraordinary rooftop workout, exercise classes conducted by some of the best Gold Coast fitness instructors and we've also partnered with Atkins Health, Exercise Physiologists who can help you get into peak fitness shape.

We invite you to come in and take the opportunity to meet our team and check out our premises. Please also sign up for a free 5-day trial and see for your self why we're the place people come to worship.

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Fit News

May 2, 2017


There are a few key factors to Temple Gym that make us different from our competition and I will explain a little bit about what we do and why our members love our facilities.


The rooftop outdoor training area-

This is something very unique to the Australian market with very read more

April 3, 2017
Achievable Success

There are a lot of ways success is taken into account, for example someone may be a businessman/woman earning a lot of money, another person may have a loving family but be living week to week, another may train hard every day and look fit and healthy, what makes read more

March 15, 2017



Compliance is a very important and crucial part of any routine you may set yourself, whether it be an ongoing change to your life or a short term routine.

One major factor with setting any exercise routine, diet or everyday work routine is the reality of things being read more

Muscle Building
February 25, 2017
Muscle Building Muscle building for beginners

Once mastering the correct technique and strengthening the communication between mind and muscle, then you are ready to begin building muscle. The neurological system together with lifting technique can be a difficult and complex system to comprehend, however once you are aware of the vast amount read more