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Neuromuscular Reeducation
AGE IS JUST A NUMBER Let me break it down  First of all lets start by putting things into perspective, the average work life of someone is 15-65, which is 50 years of work, so for instance at 45 you still have 20 years of your work life to go, I know at first thought [...] Read more
Zuu Workout
THE ZUU has arrived to Temple Gym – Liberating Human Movement
How important is core stability? STRENGTH - FITNESS - ENDURANCE ZUU was created by Nathan Helberg right here on the Gold Coast. Nathan had a mind-opening experience with his gymnast brother. Although quite strong Nathan had found that he had lost full ranges of movement but worse still, he had lost strength through those ranges. [...] Read more
Outdoor Rooftop Gym
Is Your “WHY” Strong Enough
Is Your ``WHY`` Strong Enough I want to talk to you guys about why we do what we do in everyday life and hopefully help some of you on the path to destruction without even knowing it.   Why we do things can very quickly determine the results we are going to get, let me [...] Read more
Ladie's Exercise Classes
How important is core stability?
How important is core stability? How Important is Core Strength? Simple answer: Extremely important Long answer: According to our in-house exercise physiologist: Core stability ensures that our spine and surrounding musculature is protected from injury, both in static and dynamic movements. Whether we are performing Olympic lifts, running a marathon, or lifting shopping out of [...] Read more