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Preparing for Fitness Success
Preparing for Fitness Success
We are not born with success we make it (Everyone has the opportunity, only some of us take it) Preparing for Success Preparation: this is the key to any success, whether it be preparing for a big leg session or preparing for a business meeting, you need to prepare. do you prepare your exercise regime [...] Read more
Healthy Dinner Recipe - Slow Cooked Red Wine Beef
Slow Cooked Red Wine Beef
This meal was so delicious and EASY! I made this to portion into 10 lunches for the week. If you aren’t going to make as many meals then you will not need to use as much of each ingredient. You can use whatever you like to eat to ensure you are getting vital micro-nutrients in [...] Read more
Training and Intensity
The Importance of Intensity
Importance of Intensity I have decided to answer a questioned posed to me sooo many times throughout my career. The importance of INTENSITY! What you put in is what you get out The obvious answer is that the intensity in which you do an exercise is extremely important. The old fashion saying of what you [...] Read more
Learn how to be Fitness Focused
Learn how to be Fitness Focused

We are getting to the end of 2016 and we all start to reflect on the year that was. Have we achieved what we wanted to this year? Was exercising and/or being a healthier, happier you one of your new years resolutions for 2016?

If you are procrastinating about becoming a

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Strength Training for Women
Strength Training for Women
The Importance of Strength Training How many women out there aren’t too sure of what to do when it comes to the gym and exercise? How many of you walk into a gym, plonk yourselves on the treadmill and stay there for an hour trying to burn as many calories as possible? And how many [...] Read more
Functional Fitness
Functional Fitness
Functional Fitness Here at Temple Gym we are strong believers of functional, movement specific training. With our trainers striving to perfect movement expect nothing but ultimate performance. The Full Functional Fitness Experience If you are looking for a place to get into shape, stay in shape or just have the option to train indoors and [...] Read more
Temple Gym Varsity Lakes
Are you InGYMidated?
Are you InGYMidated? Overcoming New Member Anxiety For some of us, walking into a new gym can often feel a little… actually a lot intimidating! Searching the floor on your first day, you see members who appear to know the gym inside out, training hard, looking comfortable, and not a bit self-conscious. Then there’s you! [...] Read more
Christmas Tips to Stay Fit

Stay Active

Exercise in the mornings so you can stick to your routine as much as possible. Plan your routines for the break if they will be different to your regular routine. Incorporate outdoor activities with the family like cricket, beach footy, family walks, taking the kids to the park etc.


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Temple Gym Official Launch
Come Celebrate at our Official Launch Party

We may have been open since the 19th October 2015, but we’re celebrating it in style this Saturday, 28th November with an official launch party at Temple Gym.

Radio Metro Live Broadcast

To help celebrate with us, Radio Metro will be broadcasting LIVE from our rooftop from 10am until 12pm. Come up

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mums and bubs classes | Temple Gym
Mums and Bubs Classes for Members at Temple Gym

A Gym that Provides for Mums and their Bubs

Temple Gym is delighted to announce that we are offering 2 weekly classes for mums and bubs and Temple Toddlers.

Mums and Bubs

Our mums and bubs class is designed for mummies to bring along their little bundles of joy to join in with

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