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Temple Gym is proud to announce that we have aligned with two very passionate, extremely knowledgeable, ultra friendly Exercise Physiologists, Tobias Atkins and Shelby Gates from Atkins Health.

Personal Training

These guys are qualified to offer a customised personal training program for our members; working with you to understand your needs in order to design a training program best to help you achieve your goals.


Tobias and Shelby know exercise and diet harness the power to prevent, manage and cure. With years of study at University, plus copious amounts of field practice hours, this duo offer the full fitness and rehabilitation service.

Fitness and Rehabilitation

Personal Training

Personal Training

Our trainers will work with you to develop an exercise plan that best suits you and that will help you achieve your fitness goals. We offer one-on-one training session and also group sessions.

Exercise Physiologist

Sports Conditioning

We provide professional athletes with strength and condition coaching to help improve their physical performance, and prevent injury.

Rehabilitation of Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease Management

Through the use of appropriate exercises and strategic movement, we can help our clients prevent and manage chronic disease. We'll work with you and your GP for optimum results.

Neuromuscular Reeducation

Neuromuscular Reeducation

If your muscle patterns have been affected through nerve or muscle damage or injury, then we can help through our specialised Neuromuscular re-education & movement training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between an exercise physiologist and a personal trainer?

The biggest difference is the training. An exercise physiologist has to complete a minimum of 4 years university study and 500+ hours of practical hours to become eligible for accreditation through ESSA.

Exercise physiologists learn about the systems of the body and how they integrate with one another. It is then that they hone in on using exercise to achieve the goals created by the individual in the move efficient and effective manor.

Furthermore Exercise Physiologist are Allied Health professionals so they not only will train you just like the professionals get trained but also are the specialists in exercise rehabilitation. Personal trainers have to do an accredited course which can be as little as 6 weeks in duration and are limited only to those considered healthy population.

Difference between an exercise physiologist and a physiotherapist?

Both go through the same or extremely similar original 3 years of their university degrees however specialise in different areas. Physiotherapists perform hands on therapy and diagnosis whereas exercise physiologists focus solely on utilising exercise for treatment and hence are the specialist in exercise rehabilitation.

What type of services does an exercise physiologist provide?

We provide all services involving exercise! From the most personalised goal directed training sessions to preoperative conditioning and rehabilitation, we have you covered.

Can I claim on Medicare and Private Health?

You sure can. Exercise physiologists are allied health professionals and hence are are covered by Medicare.

Rebates through private health are also available depending on your cover and fund

What is the cost of a session with an exercise physiologist?

An individual session costs $70 for 45min. Bring a friend or family member and reduce the cost for yourself! Sessions of 2-3 people cost $40 each, bring an extra person and reduce the cost to $20 each for 4+ people. For extra value grab a package of sessions; 5 one on one sessions $325, $65/ session and 10 one on one sessions $600, $60/ session.

How long is a session with an exercise physiologist?

We provide sessions of 45mins. This provides us with sufficient time to review and to ensure the program is working for you.

What does a session with an exercise physiologist involve?

Initially we like to have a sit down consult to discuss your training and medical history, determine your goals and most importantly get to know you and you get to know us!! Here at Temple Gym and Atkins Health we like to develop relationships with our clients to develop the most personal experience for you. From there we develop a program for you to do in your time to get the most out of every session you have in the gym. It’s then time to get stuck in to achieving your goals with your exercise physiologist directed sessions.

What happens if I have current or pre-existing pain or injuries?

This is our specialty! We are university qualified allied health professionals with the expertise to not only train with the understanding of your injuries or concerns but the knowledge to actually help fix/ improve your condition.

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Tobias: 0433 772 313

Shelby: 0451 160 297

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