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Neuromuscular Reeducation
AGE IS JUST A NUMBER Let me break it down  First of all lets start by putting things into perspective, the average work life of someone is 15-65, which is 50 years of work, so for instance at 45 you still have 20 years of your work life to go, I know at first thought [...] Read more
Rehabilitiation | Temple Gym
Temple Gym a Place to Worship and Heal

New family owned gym in Varsity Lakes has strategically partnered with exercise physiologists in order to offer a full fitness and rehabilitation centre.

Temple Gym, located at 2 Lake Street, Varsity Lakes recently opened their doors to their new fitness centre, which features a one of a kind rooftop outdoor workout

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Introducing our Exercise Physiologists

Fitness and Rehabilitation

At Temple Gym we’re more than just a gym, we are a fitness centre designed to offer fitness and rehabilitation for everyone – of all ages, size and fitness levels. And to help make this happen, we have partnered with two very knowledgeable and passionate Exercise Physiologists.

It is

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